Powder & Liquid Additives


Cements have to withstand an incredible array of extreme conditions from permafrost zones where the ground temperature is always below zero through to thermal recovery or geothermal wells where temperatures soar to as much as 350°C

Cements also have to contend with issues such as weak formations, lost circulation, corrosive formation fluids and gas migration to name but a few. How can simple Portland cement manage such extremes? The answer is the additives.

We have designed a comprehensive range of powder and liquid additives which can be applied from the simplest to the most extreme well conditions. Our additives were designed in conjunction with each other and so you are assured of product compatibility.

We offer;

Retarders Both natural and synthetic for predictable setting times
Accelerators Primarily for shallow wells or light weight slurries
Antifoams Assure you have the correct slurry density. An often under-appreciated additive.
Fluid Loss Control The latest polymer technology to prevent dehydration
Dispersants Accurate rheology and flow behaviour
Gas Migration Control Crucial to minimise transition time and improve bonding
Extenders Maximise the water and minimise the density for lead slurries or for cementing weak formations

We also provide specialities such as expanding additives, flexible fillers, LCMs, thixotropic additives, weighting agents or lightweight additives and more. Please ask if you need something a little more specialised.