Our state of art cement testing laboratory and blending facility will ensure the accuracy of your test results and consistency of your products

Laboratory Services

Our HTHP Consistometer, UCA and viscometer all feed to the latest data capture software so you can get a real time understanding of how your cement slurry is behaving.

We offer full independent testing in accordance with the latest API Spec 10 as well as a comprehensive slurry design and evaluation service.

3rd Party Blending

All our blending tanks are mounted on modern loadcells with automated tank filling and drum and IBC decanting we can provide exactly the same amount of exactly the same formulation in every package every time. We blend everything by weight to an accuracy of 1kg in 3000kg.

We can custom blend any non-flammable material in pack sizes from 5 or 25 litres jerricans up to 1000L IBCs and even offshore tote tanks or road tankers.

SANCCUS will label to your own specifications then will either load the product onto your truck or we can arrange the logistics and transport your order to any port or airport in the world.

In conjunction with our modern lab we can design, manufacture, quality control and supply an additive for you from your initial idea to your customer’s yard.