Used alone or in combined with a SANCCUS chemical package our pipeline gel and gel pig technology gives the operator a very powerful tool in their flow assurance arsenal

Gel Pigs

Elastic and flexible cylindrical solid objects, Gel Pigs are primarily used when mechanical pigs cannot be deployed due to issues such as restricted pipeline access or egress or when the risk of sticking is significant such as in waxy pipelines. Gel Pigs are capable of extruding through bore restrictions and chokes down to half their diameter but will break up when the choke is more severe than this so the risk of Gel Pigs sticking in pipelines is negligible. Gel Pigs can be propelled with gas or liquid.

Pipeline Gels

Pipeline Gels are viscous shear thinning liquids, some with self-healing properties, used in pipelines to clean, lubricate, to remove debris and solids or for spool protection. Pipeline Gels can be deployed though very small ports and will fill into larger pipelines and so overcome most access restrictions. Pipeline Gels can only be propelled with liquid but gas can be used if a Gel Pig is placed behind the Pipeline Gel. Pipeline Gels have an excellent synergy with mechanical pigs providing lubrication during long runs and by lifting and carrying debris to reduce the risk of the mechanical pig sticking.

Typical applications are;

Deoiling & Dewatering Achieve higher levels of cleanliness and prevent fluid mixing to maximise hydrocarbons returns during commissioning, decommissioning or when a pipeline is being repurposed.
Liquid Separation Separate treatment chemicals from water or hydrocarbons within a pipeline train to optimise chemical treatment effectiveness. Gel Pigs could be used to push a chemical treatment such as a scale dissolver from a vessel to a distant well without the need to recover the pig or gel.
Debris Removal Remove sand and debris in a managed, measurable and controlled way then break the gel topsides for effective disposal.
Cleaning Enhanced cleaning can be achieved with the right gel package.
Spool Protection Minimise seawater ingress during subsea commissioning by packing the spool with a semi solid gel.

We know from years of experience that no two jobs are identical. We will work closely with you to provide the appropriate gel and/or gel pig combined with reliable technical advice and support to give you the best possible outcome.