Stimulation of a well either by matrix acidizing or hydraulic fracturing is a more or less inevitable occurrence during the lifetime of a well

All wells are at peak production on day one after which production of oil decreases and water production increases as the equilibrium changes over time. This makes the well less and less profitable.

Matrix acidizing involves the placement of an acid in the wellbore to dissolve and remove impediments to production without fracturing the rock and damaging the reservoir. The acid will come into contact with hydrocarbon downhole so additives must be mixed into it to prevent the formation of sludges and emulsions. Corrosion inhibitor is vital to protect metal tubulars during placement. Iron and scale forming minerals also needs to be controlled as well as managing fines produced during treatments which need to be lifted out of the hole.

Fracturing on the other hand aims to deliberately fracture the rock with an overburden of hydraulic pressure and then hold open or “prop” open the cracks with sized sand called proppant. Water or hydrocarbons based gels are used to suspend and carry this proppant into the fracture formation creating a conduit for enhanced production.

SANCCUS have a full catalogue of additives for matrix acidizing as well as fracturing gel treatments.

We offer;

Corrosion Inhibitor The backbone of any stimulation treatment
Emulsion Control Anionic and Non-ionic non-emulsifiers and sludge prevention
Emulsifiers & Retarders Enhanced acid penetration with safe simple to use additives
Iron Control Complex the iron to stop precipitation, sludge and formation damage
Friction Reducers Maximise your pumping capacity
Fracturing Gel Carry the proppant in a safe and reversible manner